How to view and reset cellular network data usage in iPhone

If you actively use your iPhone to connect to the Internet, and especially if you have a capped bandwidth data plan from your wireless broadband provider, you might want to occasionally check your bandwidth usage. This is so you don't exceed the bandwidth limit, as you might be charged dearly for the excess usage, or you might not be able to get connected at all, depending on the agreement between you and your wireless broadband provider or carrier. You might also want to reset the data usage statistic monthly to keep it fresh.

To do that, launch the Settings app by tapping on the following icon on your iPhone's home screen.

From the Settings page, go to the Cellular menu.

Here you'll see your cellular-related information and settings.

Scroll all the way down and you'll find the following Reset Statistics option. Tap to reset your usage statistics.

Tap on the Reset Statistics option to confirm your action.

Now if you go up the page again, you'll find your cellular data usage statistics has been reset.

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